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Community event with DICE and BFFs [PS3]

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2013-09-30 12:45 , edited 2013-10-03 20:13 by babbaslol
Time and date: 3 Oct 19:30 CET/1:30 PM EDT)
Platform: PS3
Server: BF3 BFF DICE

KM Troedsson (DICE VP)
Brent (BF Friends – “Noob”)
Tony (BF Friends – “Recon”)
Jon (BF Friends – “Engineer”)
Nate (BF Friends – “Medic)
+ 2-4 people from DICE

Event type:
The event will be like the previous community events “Humans vs Zombies” by Better Than Halo.
If you are new to this event, this is how it is played:

- One team will consist of the hosts (Humans, in this case the DICE and Battlefield Friends).
- The other team will consist of our guests (Zombies)
- The purpose of this event is for the humans to fend off the attacking zombies with handguns and shotguns.
- Zombies will try to kill the humans using only the knife. This will give you a reward: DICE Developer or DICE Friend dog tags!
- Once a tag is taken by a Zombie, that Zombie will be removed from the game to make room for others who are waiting in queue to participate.

This is a perfect opportunity to obtain the attractive DICE Developer and DICE Friend dog tags.
No Premium needed, this server will be running vanilla maps only.

The rules are:
You may only use the knife.
No other gadgets/weapons are allowed.

Humans may only use handguns, or shotguns.
Ammo box if needed. No other gadgets/weapons are allowed.

Arranged by: ProjectxTonka, babbaslol, vallium, Burkeen and last but not least Straty88!
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2013-09-30 12:49
Wish my ps3 was working :(
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2013-09-30 12:51
Nice, there are always tons of people asking for devs to play on PS3
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2013-09-30 13:19
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2013-09-30 13:32
So excessive jumping is allowed eh? >:D

Count me in. :3
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2013-09-30 13:34
Nice :p
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2013-09-30 13:45
Bumping this thread to help my sista.
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2013-09-30 14:07
First Page Swag
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2013-09-30 14:09
Sure i'll join this. Played in this event before from this platoon []
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2013-09-30 14:40
Sounds fun!
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2013-09-30 15:07
Damn... thought it was going to be a regular match with straight up gunfights.

Knife enthusiasts may like it, but I'll pass.
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2013-09-30 15:11
TwinWoIf said:
Damn... thought it was going to be a regular match with straight up gunfights.

Knife enthusiasts may like it, but I'll pass.

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2013-09-30 15:14
Awesome, but why during BF4 Beta time?!
They did it to ruin Battlefield...
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2013-09-30 15:33
Oooooonnn it!!! Already have the DICE friends and DEV tags but I want the Noobs tags!!! Mwuahahahaha!!! I'm coming for you Brent! I recon better than you assault.
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2013-09-30 15:52
Merci pour ces évênement DICE c'est super gentil de votre par :)
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2013-09-30 16:59
That's pretty dank that they're doing this for us. #rare #based #TYBG #lilbismyfriend2013
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2013-09-30 17:29
this is pretty cool
but if its start on the 3rd october i may busy with the bf4 beta ._.
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2013-09-30 17:53
BloatedMonkey said:
Awesome, but why during BF4 Beta time?!

BF4 Open beta isn't until the 4th, some people won't have access tomorrow.
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2013-09-30 19:41
This will be fun :D
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2013-09-30 20:02
Gotta remember this
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