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Soldier Portraits

KR Enlisted: 2013-10-29
2013-11-03 03:48
Hello, I can not understand what it means premium customization. Namely - Utilize these Emblems and Soldier Portraits on Battlelog!.

I can not understand what kind of portraits, and where they can be changed. Sorry for sloupok
US Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2013-11-03 03:49
So, Soldier Portraits are the soldier image you see here on Battlelog when viewing your BF4 soldier. These are visible in your profile. More options can be unlocked via Battlepacks in-game, and to apply them, you need to go to Edit Profile > Soldiers > and then select the soldier who's portrait you want to change!
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KR Enlisted: 2013-10-29
2013-11-03 03:53
Yes, indeed, I did not pay attention to the portrait, and was looking for a menu choice, thank you! =)
Enlisted: 2011-10-30
2014-02-20 20:58
Do the portraits mean anything i.e. if you have Irish available does it mean you sacrificed yourself to help your team, etc ... ?
Enlisted: 2014-05-31
2015-07-28 14:10
Thanks dead sync
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