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Missing threads and “You cannot access this forum”

IE Enlisted: 2012-10-11
2014-11-11 15:57
You may notice that at times a thread you have posted in or created is missing from the forums. On occasions when you try to access this you will receive a message saying “You cannot access this forum”; if you receive this message it means that the thread in question has been removed from public view.

In an effort to try and keep the BF3 forums tidy, some threads you try to access will appear with this message. If this happens it means that the thread was in breach of the forum rules: and it was deemed necessary to remove it; either for its violation, or to avoid the front page having only locked threads.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to PM one of us for details. We will endeavor to post in each locked thread, and leave it on the forums for 24 hours, but please be aware this may result in missing the reason for its closure.


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Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.