Help Battlefield 3 conquer Europe!

Europe´s biggest people´s choice award is around the corner and of course, we are talking about the annual European Game Awards that will be held on the 14th of August.
This time around, we are nominated in the following categories:

Best European Action Game
Best European Console Game
Best European Game
Best European Multiplayer Game
Best European Sound

Help us win by registering and voting for Battlefield 3. To vote, you first have to register online (it’s quick and easy and verifies that you are not a bot) at

Now let’s show the gaming world who has the strongest and biggest and most loyal community!

Comments (827)

vote fix the game first
Will do it, IF I CAN PLAY?!
yea ill vote when they put dates by the stuff on the damn calendar untill then im not voting.
Yeeey, the website just crashed!
Best sound, what? when it works or is this a joke? DICE sorry but you don't deserve to win any of these awards. 576p is what this game runs in, still input lag, still crashing, no sound... fix the game
No way Jose.
haha server overloaded!
Internal Server Error - FAIL
JOIN HMR Fourth Page!
release date will be nice
release bonus content then i'll vote
content drop first plz
sall good and all...but the voting page keeps popping up with errors n shit...this is not going down smooth
You really need that golden penis?
only a noob votes
he he he yea golden rain penis lol...
No. Just no.
Thank you for letting me know about this opportunity to show my disgust at how Dice / EA treats the hand that feeds it :-)
Talk about premium contents before -.-'
Would but that site is being an idiot :P
maybe I would if the game wasn't broken and had esports support.
Dice i think you better remove this vote thing bevore BF3 gets lowvoted, First fix some things LIKE BANNED PEOPLE FOR NOTHING AND LET THEM PAY AGIAN!@
The game is already a year old,and still people are whining about a broken game. Why didn't you stop it then? Guess you like it?
nice people nice
thought this was about the bonus content being they repeatly say on twitter for us to check often for the lastest update about the bonus content. there is NOTHING about it!

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