Battlelog and Server Update 10:00 CET, 9th of August

Tomorrow we are bringing a server update and a Battlelog update with some minor additions.
This means that Battlelog will remain offline between 10:00 CET to 11:00 CET tomorrow on the 9th of August.
For the correct time in your time zone, follow this link:

Server update:

- XP2 weapons were unavailable on unranked servers
- scoring was disabled altogether on unranked server


- You can now accept/reject party invites
- Vote system has been fixed in polls
- Server browser shows the name of the current map
- User can now see if he/she has all unlocks for a vehicle in the Vehicle Stats page in the Unlocks section

Comments (628)

buh :)
fuck iti im 5th
& maybe the Content Drop will be added?
add god damn fast vehicle filter
Nice. Small changes, but nice
where is the "remove a soldier option" :(
All you people need to kill yourself.
@QuanticCrow This isn't BFP4F
PLEASE MAKE IT SO THAT YOU CAN DELETE MATCHES AT ANY TIME. I have 6 matches that never happened and they are still showing up in my matches list.
wheres the calendar update already its august 8th and still no dates by anything for august.
lol ihr schlechtis ^^
badass patch
What a HUGE list of updates. Meh.
"User can now see if he/SHE" , I love that DICE knows their female players :3
how do i play E sports matches on Ps3 i wanna knife some developers and get there tags!
que hora ? traduzcan
You have to update the app battlelog too!
fix the actual game first? that would be great

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