Server R30 is due on Thu Sep 13th 08:00 UTC

zh1nt0 6 years ago
Hello everyone,
on Thu Sep 13th, starting at 08:00 UTC, the RSP companies will update all game servers. It usually takes about a day until the majority of game servers are updated.
The new game server version is a bugfix release; it does not add any new features.
Also, there is no downtime estimated with this since this is a rolling update.
- Halved flag capture score in Domination
- The Havok is now selectable in the deploy menu for the russian team on Alborz Mountains Conquest large.
- Mobile artillery drivers are now shielded within the vehicle, meaning they won’t die from using proximity defense.
- The Gunship respawn timer has been increased from 60 to 90 seconds.
- Reserved slots / join queue was not working properly on some servers; this has been fixed.

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