Join the Air Kills Dog Tag Challenge

trydling 9 years ago

This month, you all have the chance to unlock the new dog tag “Death Dealer”! This challenge is open to all, but if you participate in the October Premium competition, you will automatically contribute to the dog tag challenge at the same time, so there is no need to choose between the two.

Your challenge: Reach 2 million kills from the air

As soon as all players on your platform collectively reach the goal, we will unlock the new Death Dealer dog tag on your platform. All platforms will get the dog tag individually once they have reached the goal, so the sooner you get there, the sooner you get your reward.

We start counting air kills at the same time as the October ingame competition kicks off, October 27 at 00:00 UTC. So polish up those helicopter and jet fighting skills and make sure you contribute to the number of air kills this month. You can play any map, any mode, and any server to have your air kills count towards this community challenge. We will get back to you once the challenge is live. Happy hunting!

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