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Welcome to Tha Deck Klan Battlelog

Tha Deck Klan is family first, then online friends, which is core of Tha Deck Klan’s motto.

Tha Deck Klan is very competitive but respectful.

Tha Deck Klan is large by its numbers of members, but this clan works hard to please everyone in it.

Tha Deck Klan ethical motion is different from a lot of other clans, there is a strong sense to teach personal responsibility and stand for strong ethics in this clan. This means every person is expected to use good, positive morals. Though these different morals are hard to handle, because of the difference in members needs but the truth, respect, and fairness is expected by all members. Tha Deck Klan is an online gamer clan with all kinds of race, creeds, and genders. These races, creeds, and genders will be respected and protected by its members.

Tha Deck Klan – Dedicated Elite Clan Killers

Tha Deck Klan a good moral based, and a family steered clan that works hard to better the online game play is what you are looking for then apply here.

MojoSetter founder of Tha Deck Klan
Tha Deck That Plays Together Stays Together

Tha Deck Klan Mission

To provide a online clan that is strong, dominant, fun, and fair.

Tha Deck Mottos:

Family First Then Online Friends
Tha Deck That Plays Together Stays Together
Show Your Hand To Your Family and, Play Your Enemies

Tha Deck Klan Info:
Tha Deck Klan was founded by Mojosetter in the late nineties in a attempt to reconstruct the clan called SKULL " Skilled Killers Under Lethal Law ".

Tha Deck Klan is set up to use poker cards to rank its members.
Each Suit is a clan of its own under one creed and law.
Tha Deck Klan D*[RANK]_ aka in the nineties The Deck Clan {TDC}_ " Dedicated Elite Clan Killers "

Tha Deck Klan is a invitation only clan

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