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Platoon Presentation

If you have any questions, comments, recommendations, or advice please message Pdizzle57 (XBL Gamertag). Having the DLC for Battlefield 3 will help us train new recruits. Having new DLC is not required but is recommended. If you want to even be considered for platoon leader you got to represent the platoon and have [wezo] in front of your gamertag. If you disrespect any platoon member you will be removed from the platoon, be respectful. YOU WILL NEVER BE A LEADER UNLESS YOU REPRESENT THOSE TAGS.

We will attempt to keep a Clan server up and running, donations or server maintenance would be appreciated, but not required. Under the Multiplayer, server browser menu, SEARCH: Wezo
Platoon members have preference, so message one of the admins and we'll make space for you. ONLY Clan Leaders can apply for adminship.

Platoon members are required to help out our younger/newer members and help them get adjusted to competitive play. We are trying to build up an active platoon so that we have soldiers to represent us on Battlefield 4. Any member that doesn't contribute to the betterment of our Clan reputation will be permabanned without exception.

Rules only apply to competitive play, in which case, the leader will ALWAYS inform you of the rules. In every other case, feel free to Tbag.

Every member is required to check into the page at least once a week. NO EXCUSES. Other clans demand daily log in but we don't request the same. We understand if you can't be on EVERYDAY but we request that you inform us if you wish to be in our clan. We are serious about representing our clan.

Express your complains to Pdizzle57 (XBL gamertag). We like members who comply with our rules.
We are only going to accept team players that are good at least two thing, for example tank and jet, tank and infantry, jet and infantry. You need a 2.0 k/d and a 750 spm.

[The wezo is an Alaskan weezle that skins its prey and wears its hide]

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