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The unofficial Singapore Group!
(An initiative by Battlefield No Use Talking a.k.a [Bf.Nut])

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Feel free to invite each other for fun and games!
Co-op and more! Invite your friends in!

Its a place for everyone, anyone to join and share your tips here!

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Learn the art of Battlefield 3!

***All Members, feel free to don the tag of [BFSG] in your profile

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*Tip of the day #8! 16/11/2011
When you're surrounded, be sure not to fire your weapon without a suppressor! (you will appear on the mini map!)

Join us in Battlefield Singapore2!

*Stay tuned! More good things will come! Have fun people!


Hi All, Would anyone be interested to learn how to fly a Jet or pilot a Helicopter properly? Let us know your interest
and we would be hosting a LAN event! (Infantries aren't left out too!)


We are full for all 3 platoons! Meaning 300 members for all catch us on Facebook for more updates!

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