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Platoon Presentation

all who consider themselves to be better then average, welcome.
Must be a team/squad player.
requirements (pending)
K/D must be 1+
spm 100+
skill 200+
main duty = have fun, destroy everything, leave no one standing, troll whenever possible.
kamakazi is optional.
i first started playing battlefield games not long after work experience. i was working in a game store and at the time battlefield-bad company had just been reliesed. i'd read the cover once or twice while stocking the shelves, and it didnt really take my breath away. and i carried on with life, yet a few months later i saw it again for 2nd hand cheap, so i bought, played it and fell in love with the battlefield franchise immediately. Never before hand any game i played offer so much destruction at my fingertips, if an enemy was camping you could just demolish the building around their head, if someone was dominating the field in a vehicle, you could simply lay a trap or shoot them out the sky. And as i improved in bad company 1 and dominated bad company 2, people wanted me on their side rather then against them. So i founded ACE company. it has been under development and re-founded 3times, but as long as the war rages on the Battlefield, ACE company will be there at your back or down your throat. HOOAH!

Founder-freestyla_94 (2009)
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