Singapore Armed Forces
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Platoon Presentation

This platoon is for those are around the Singapore timezone (GMT +8)

You can be from any other platoons, no need to change your tag. This platoon is a platform for us to meet and play during our hours.

But if you have no platoon, then feel free to use the SAF tag.
Or if you prefer, you can put your rank as the tag. Only Singaporeans will know what the ranks mean, hehehe

MAJ, CPT, LTA, 2LT, MSG, SSG, 1SG, 2SG, 3SG, CPL, LCP, PTE, REC, SAF, NS... whatever... we don't really care as long as you like it.

PSN List for recent players appearing:
kopiosatu (abang pisau)
Joe_Dayn (Jojo Joget)
ashraavin25 (level 100, chuck norris)
shaifulazry1505 (abang pilot)
Mr_Tito_Teo (mori-river bf)
KhaiSyamal (love to make coffee)
silversky88 (self declared best pilot in Fox)
XiaoKen_ (underaged soldier)

SERVER : United Nations Security Council

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