Tag: [RAID] Fans: 18 Created: 2011-12-21

Platoon Presentation

We are a BF3 based community on Xbox 360.

We are accepting admin applications please read and understand the following.

1. Listen to all admins above you in ADMIN rank.

2. Never rage kick/ban anybody for any reason.

3. Do not send "hatemail" to any other players for any reason, we are a friendly community and you will represent that.

4. If you find another player/ADMIN cheating/glitching you will contact the head ADMIN.

You understand that this power is not for your enjoyment, it is to help run our server. If you receive complaints your ADMIN status will be removed until we decide if we do, otherwise.

If you agree and wish to be an admin then right a status in this platoon saying that you understand and will follow these rules/terms.

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