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Welcome to the official *FTF* Platoon page!

The Anticipation Of Death Is Worse Than Death Itself

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Donations to the server can be made by clicking on the link below.



*About *FTF*
*FTF* - First To Fight are a PC on-line war game clan that have been playing on Battlefield 3 since the game was first launched for retail.

We have our own BF3 server which we play on with our own rules, but All Are Wecome. The only thing we ask for, is that the clan members and non members that play on our server Play By The Rules.

We are a war game clan that are dedicated to Fair Game Play and it is our goal to create a Hassle Free Environment where players can have Fun. We want to get away from & distance ourselves from the players that take war gaming so serious that they feel they have to start cheating or just plain hack to get good scores and ruin the Fun for everyone else.

At *FTF*, we also like to consider ourselves as Friends. We are a clan that are not just used to playing with or against each other, we also like to Talk to each other while we play. This way, we can let each other know where enemy soldiers are, and just generally have a laugh and have Fun.

*Joining *FTF*
- Go to our website at www.First-To-Fight.com or click the Official Website link above.
- * Fill out a small registration to join the clan.
- An ADMIN will either accept or decline your application.

*This process may take anywhere from 1-72 hours!

*FTF* Members*
Remember to go to the website Regularly to read & chat on the forums. It's you guys that keep the FTF community going. If you see, hear or do something of interest, post in in the forums, lets all chat about it & keep the clan going.


*Our BF3 Server*
Link: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/servers/show/pc/e8feabf8-d69b-4ddb-a9de-7f7803bd2d70/FTF-BF3-Warriors-Noob-Friendly-All-Weapons-Allowed/
Uptime: 24/7


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