Legion Down Under
Tag: [LDU] Fans: 33 Created: 2011-12-31

Platoon Presentation

If part of this Platoon make sure your Tag is set as LDU
Casual but plays the objective (most of the time)
just because it says down under doesn't mean you have to be Australian
would Prefer players who have:
a mic
fairly active
own the dlcs
13+ but not so important
we dont care if you are in another platoon as well
try and add other people from the platoon so you got somebody to play with

Founder Jayt15 - JayT_15
Leader (Right hand man) CRAZY-DEVIL_21 - CRAZY_DEVIL-21
Leader Scoobyrox2008 - rhygar09
Leader Trraavv - Traviz_95
Leader bir34t -bir34t
Leader Raacheel - raaachel1 (the Best LDU player)
Fuckin Up The Base

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