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Platoon Presentation

**Ground Rules for this Platoon**

-1- Respect Team leaders and Squad leaders commands and also respect your clan mates, they’re trying to teach other members to work together as a team to prepare for clan battles! Members are expected to wear 3VIL as their clan tag so other members can squad up with platoon soldiers. When u join us in game and don't have our tags admins wont know ur with us and u may get moved to the other team so change ur tags!

-2- Respect other clans. [3VIL] works together with [HF];[TXDC],[GYD], [KiLA], [SMA],[Bffs],[G4L][KR3W],[PSA],[MKA],[SiC],[RAD],[SMA],[YESH], ETC we don’t need drama. Keep your comments between your clan!

-3- Attention our clan server is up and running add it as a Favorite end game maps are up! we will use this server for training and whooping ass of our opponents ! Plays 24/7 has made several people admins on the server. When logging on battlefield 3 click multiplayer then go under my servers towards the bottom of the list and it will show if ur a admin or not. Also please message myself or ynkenut16 is one of our admins are abusing admin power. Attention admin please don't ban people it freezes up the server.

-4- If u are wearing clan tags from another platoon u will be demoted as a team leader immediately unless certain exceptions are made

-5- If you don't want to play as a team player, or you cant work together with other members without talking shit you will be kicked from the platoon! there are many people trying to obtain a spot in the 100 that the platoon can max out at!

-6- NEVER will any Platoon member leave during a clan battle unless very important. You must let a team leader or squad leader know why you are leaving.

-7- If any issues with command or platoon please contact team leaders or founder!

-8- Squad Practices
Every Thursday we have practice. All are encouraged to attend.
Practice will be at the the following time:
10:00pm EST ( Eastern)
09:00pm CST ( Central)
08:00pm MST ( Mountain)
07:00pm PST ( Pacific)


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