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Platoon Presentation

Established : February 2012
(Our server name, platoon name or clan tag does not promote or encourage the adoption of communist ideals in any way)

Scrims are played in the following form :
Conquest - Ranked ONLY
2 maps - both sides - 100% tickets (Draw = 3rd map)

Ruleset : No baserape / base-stealing

Time and day : We prefer saturday,sunday. 19/20pm GMT +1 (Prague)

Contact yonderboy for more info.

Join our server "CSSR Conquest" (Big maps almost all the time)

CSSR Clan server / Best maps conquest


Squad roster:

(Heavy Metal) : <Masu>, Wardog, Dunky, Esteban, Artas, Malkin

(Forest Gump) : <Dave>, Snoozer, GamePage, Sparta, Martas

(ECM Jammer) : <Triskant>, Horca, Posthuman, Anhegel, Lexa

Any information regarding clanwars will be written down on the platoon wall.

Upcoming events :


Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood!
In CSSR we trust!

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