Special Forces Elite
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~~~~~~~~~~~Special Forces Elite~~~~~~~~~~~~
Clan Tag: TSO = Tactical Spec Ops
the clan tag is a combination of Special Forces Elite and the other side of the clan Tactical Forces Elite. There is no age limit because i believe maturity does not come at an age, i do not tolerate immature behaviour in the chat.

We are an Elite squad of skilled players, When we are in a game we always come out on top, There are some requirements to join Special Forces Elite, if you do not meet these requirements you can apply for "Tactical Forces Elite" the requirements are below.

~~~~~~~~~~Requirements when joining~~~~~~~~~
KD: 1.00+
W/L Ratio: 1.00+
Rank: 35+
BF3 is the main game that you play.
Microphone is a must.

~~~~What is expected from Special Forces Elite Members~~~
*Not being away for long periods of time.
*Not trying to take a leadership role
*aid and support our members
*work as a team
*you must wear the clan tag

If you meet the requirements feel free to apply.

~~~Members & Ranks~~~
The ranking in Special Forces Elite differs from the ranking in Tactical Forces Elite, in Special Forces Elite there is less ranks. Ranks are alot harder to gain in Special Forces elite, they mean alot more if they are hard to earn. Here are the following ranks that you can achieve:

chasemasterbc: General
Rancore VIP: General
flamephoenix21: Sergeant
KiLlEr DeCaY: Sergeant
plasid93: Private
Twoook: Private
WWIIxSnoopyx: Private
DixonLeatherpant: Private
bustdown808: Private
ZombiiEyedGnome: Private
drastrup: Private
MarineSniper0317: Private
flamephoenix2012: Private
xSOV1ETx: Private
iamdan123: Private
mill978city: Private
HBPLAYER1101: Private

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