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Welcome To NVme Gaming Community!

NVme Gaming is an international multi-gaming clan.

This Platoon is for Fans and Friends of the NVme Gaming. We provide a fun and clean gaming environment on our servers. We do not only play Battlefield 3 many members play a different variety of games. So join our teamspeak to find out whose playing what. We host a 64 & 32 man servers located in Chicago. We're happy to have you join us! Feel free to ask any of our members questions, and don't forget to add our server to your favorites!


Help show your support by follow these simple requests.

-Zero Tolerance to racism - be it here or on the server.
-If you have a problem with any of the members feel free to contact the admins or the leaders.
-Again, Any racist abuse or bullying will be treated seriously and players will be banned. We want our server/community to be a nice place to be.
-As a member, you are an invited guest on our TS server. Treat it like your home, but be sure not to be offensive to other users.
-If you see the server empty, please help out and join the server so that other players will join in, no one would join if the server is empty!
-And finally….
-Joining this community does not mean you are in the NVme gaming platoon

These rules may sound harsh, but it will promote a good and clean gaming environment.



[NV] 24/7 Air Maps! {UN}UNITEDNOOBS! Fast Vehicles Respawn:



Hostname: ts.nvmegaming.com:9169

--==[ DONATE ]==--

If you would like to see us add more servers as well you can donate at http://www.nvmegaming.com/index.php?site=donate There is no such thing as a small donation anything helps as running these servers are quite expensive.


Thank you for all your support and thanks for playing on our servers.

Also a Big thank you to UNITEDNOOBS for their support.
Visit them here: http://unitednoobs.com/

Note: if your punkbuster doesn't auto-update for some reason: http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=pbsetup.php manual updater download link for punkbuster client.

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