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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to BDG Community,

This our Community where everyone is welcome.
All players are free too join this platoon.
If you are a member of this platoon, it won't mean that you are a actual BDG member.
To become a actual member of BalderDash Gaming, visit our main platoon.

We are a swedish clan with the goal too advance in the different BF3 leauges around the world. We have gathered great respectful players, and if you want too be one of them you shall contact Regalen.
There are no requirements to join our Community, feel free to apply.

We also have an advanced Esport platoon. Where our more competitive members are located. If you want to make a challenge or so you shall contact one of them.

Our main platoon is BalderDash Gaming, were all members are gathered.
There we play more social & competitive out on public servers.
If this gamingstyle you seek, you shall visit our BalderDash Gaming platoon.

BDG Esport (Competitive):

Main platoon:

Game server:



Twitch Channel:


See you in game, hopefully on our side.

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