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Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Chi-Mayhem! Chi-Mayhem was the home to many Counter-Strike players dating back to the year 1998, where gamers from across the globe put aside their political beliefs to make war in-game. Set out of the IPC offices in Downers Grove, IL., the community boomed with gamers from all backgrounds and locales (Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Canada, and even Norway), gathering online for entertainment by way of forums, chat, and especially gaming platforms. Since 2003, owner and founder [IPC]Darien had permanently decommissioned the community and transferred admins/players to the Game Havoc gaming community ( and the rest was history. Nearly 10 years later, the dream re-lives!

In hopes of re-creating the Chicago Mayhem community, former members/admins Evil Ernie (now known as xBIG SHOWx) and [NAKED] LowLight (now known as LowLight24x) intend to unite not just Chicago gamers to a centralized community, but rather gamers of all over where maturity, fun, and gatherings are plentiful. Help us rebuild what was once lost and can be greater than ever! Northsiders...Southsiders...ANY-siders...welcome to Sweet Home Chi-Mayhem!

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1. Chi-Mayhem **NO MIC? NO PLAY!**

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