MAD CLAN Scrim Platoon
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the MAD CLAN NZ/AUS Scrim Platoon!
This Platoon was made to represent the overall ability and power of MAD in clan battles.

There is no application in to the platoon as it is by invite only,you can join our main page if you want to join MAD . I can divulge the necessary information for being chosen/invited.

Please not the examples given below are limited and will not guarantee you an entry but may put you in to consideration.

Players must have proved themselves as worthy enough to play in the scrim team. This means you play the objective, you don't care about the points (sacrifice for the overall win) and you follow the orders of your squad leader and so on and so fourth.

There is no place for Rambos in this platoon one warning before your replaced as Im sure a lot of people would want to get in.

Scrim platoon stats link


Squads- This is where members participating in a scrim will find out what squad they are in after squad leaders have picked.
★Ally Clans:
[LGc] L3G4CY [AUS]
[FIG] Fu#k Im Good


★Scrims contact : Beargrils

☆Upcoming Scrims☆

★Scrim Results

01/07/12 MAD vs IMBA 2-1 WIN
06/07/12 MAD vs GSD 1-2 LOSS
14/07/12 MAD vs 666 3-2 WIN
22/07/12 MAD vs TOA 3-0 WIN
11/08/12 MAD vs ToG 4-0 WIN
19/08/12 MAD vs NZ 3-0 WIN
26/08/12 MAD vs FAT 3-0 WIN
16/09/12 MAD vs IMBA 1-2 LOSS
16/09/12 MAD vs ATS 3-0 WIN (6a Ladder)
22/09/12 MAD vs KpG 3-0 WIN
23/09/12 MAD vs KwP 3-0 WIN
28/09/12 MAD vs LVN 3-0 WIN
29/09/12 MAD vs STAB 3-0 WIN
30/09/12 MAD vs CORP 3-0 WIN
13/10/12 MAD vs AFM 3-0 WIN
14/10/12 MAD vs LGc 1-2 LOSS
28/10/12 MAD vs xULx 3-0 WIN(6a ladder)
03/11/12 MAD vs PSA 3-0 WIN (6a ladder)
16/12/12 MAD vs GSD 3-0 WIN

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