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Platoon Presentation

RavenWood's Infantry Team

Requirements:May vary from person to person
13% Accuarcy Minnimum

Ranking System
1. Private - A New Citizen In The S.W.A.T. Force

2. Sergeant - They Are To Teach The Privates, And They Are Mostly Called In For Emergency's.

3. Lieutenant - Lieutenant's Make Sure The S.W.A.T. Office Is Going Smoothly. They Also Make Sure That The Private's Are Being Trained Right.

4. Captain - The Captain Makes Sure That The Whole Dept. Including Every Rank Below Him Is Doing Their Job And Running Smoothly.

5. Major - The Major Works Closely With The Commander. Both The Major And The Commander Make Sure Everyone Know's All The Tactic Plans Used For Emergency's And The Right People Are Suited For The Job.

6. Vice Commander - The Vice Commander Runs The Dept. When The Commander Is Offline. He Takes The Duties Of Commander When The Commander Is Offline Also.

7. Commander - Runs The S.W.A.T. Dept. Along With The Sheriff.

C H 4 x - Leader
Boatengj98 - Sherrif
Deputy - Sinister0nic
Team Aplha
Boatengj98-Commander-Sqaud leader

Team Bravo
-Dstrak-Commander-Sqaud leader


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