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We are an 843 only clan (With room for exceptions of course) We will follow the code of conduct. And we will always work together as a team. And we will kick ass :) See this and want to join 843 to be able to join this platoon? Go to the website. 843 is an old clan, its like a Family. We all play several different games together and we wanted to move to bf3. A night or two will be dedicated to Clan night for us on here. Of course for our members who mainly play bf3 there will be players on throught the week. Ill be here at least a little everyday, but a lot on other days. I have to work out a schedule. This clan is a work in progress but once we get up to 12 people thats when stuff will start going down. Join 843 or die :) See ya on the battlefield ladies and Gents!

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