PS3 BF3 Server Ratings
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This was made for users to add their rating and thoughts on servers.

If you have found good servers please share them here, if you have got banned from servers and know server name/server owner please post here and we will add them to the list!

NEW: If you see a post and believe it to be true, give it a "like". It will be added faster! If any servers are NOT ACTIVE anymore, please post! A website will be coming soon to help out with the organization of everything and will possibility include the XBOX Users. Now now guys, remember were PS3 users, show some class if we do!

GOOD Server Owners
Dervogel1 - {back 2 karkand} CONQUEST_LETs_ROCK_N_ROLL (No SPAS-12)
{BF3 Original Maps} "only conquest classic maps" (No Restrictions)
DIRTY DOGS JETS PLUS Server 200% Vanilla Maps

BAD Server Owners
Xx-1FRED Ban/kick for no reason
Rose0817 - Banned after killing a admin
Unknown_PaPa_G & keros22 - Unknown's Clan Server - Ban for killing admin
server owner - higatoria - Admin IcedPrime - HARDCORE-BEST MAPS - kicked half the other team to win.

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