Team New Republic
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Platoon Presentation

One of the most popular Air Maps Server on BF3. We still play BF3, stop by Teamspeak if you want to play!

Our TS3 is

Visit our website at

Server Rules:
1. Absolutely no cheating/glitching of any kind.
2. Show respect towards other players and admins.
3. Do not shoot into or out of the main bases.
4. Do not destroy/block the spawns of friendly vehicles.
5. Do not steal teammates' vehicles.
6. Do not steal enemy vehicles from spawn.
7. If you need an admin, type @calladmin, or @admins to see a list of ingame admins.
8. Do not spam chat, and no profanity at all.
9. Ramming of any kind = Kick
10. Vehicle driver/pilot is authorized to choose the gunner(s)/passengers.
11. Please use english in chat.

All new members please register on our website!

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