Dirt Bike War's 2v2
Tag: [DBW] Fans: 9 Created: 2013-04-03

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Welcome to Dirt Bike war's,like the name says,Its simple there will be a limit of 30 Team's.

Teams of two battle it out on dirtbikes armed with crossbows. League will be ranked on total wins. To increase your rank, challenge and beat a team. All challenges must be accepted and a date mutually agreed. If no date can be agreed. The date/time is set for Sunday, 9pm that week automatically. Teams may not play the same team twice in a row.

Standard Xbow only. No scoped Xbow
Standard Bolt only.
Bikes start facing each other but can drive any direction after start.
If a player runs out of ammo, they must keep avoiding the enemy until they are both out of ammo. The round then restarts.
No grenades or other equipment or weapons.
A team wins a point for killing either driver or gunner.
Only one point per round. First to 5.
Driver and Gunner must swap each round.

~Team 1~ 0-0-0
~Team 2~ 0-0-0
~Team 3~ 0-0-0
~Team 5~ 0-0-0

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