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"-We stand alone, together!"

Battered Bastards is a competitive hardcore playing clan. We are a tight crew of PTFO-players. We are in this clan because we take pride in beeing in a team where we put the fellow next to you before your own SPM.

"The BaTTered Bastards of Bastogne" is the name given to the 101st P.I.R airborne division in WW2.
...They didnt mind being surrounded and turning faith to their favor, nor do we...

We are the BaTTered Bastards....

✖We play both Hardcore and Normal on all modes.
✖Match tactics and serious training before matches.
✖Democracy. Everyones BaTT voice count.
✖Wanna join? Apply To any leader and add on PSN
✖Match requests: Contact any Bastard
✖We have a Facebook Group "BaTT" for all Bastards to join
✖For more info about this clan. Watch episode 7 & 8 from the HBO series "Band Of Brothers"
✖Clantag: BaTT
✖Server: BaTTered Basta*rds (search for "Battered")
✖We use both Skype and ingame when we play.


Win`s - Losses
7 - 0

☠BaTT - 1CLP: 4-0 (2 x Ziba & Donya) http://goo.gl/PKfHl , http://goo.gl/1ctxL
☠BaTT - NA: 3-1 (2 x Ziba & Donya) http://goo.gl/c9bjO
☠BaTT - EM: 4-0 (2 x Ziba & Donya) http://goo.gl/1fNIj
☠BaTT-SALT: 4-0 (WO)
☠BaTT - NA: 4-0 (Ziba & Donya)
☠BaTT - SoD: 4-0 (WO)
☠BaTT - 2on1: 4-0 (WO)

"- But we in it shall be remember'd; We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother.." /Henry V

••●••●••●••●••●••<we stand alone, together●••●••●••●••●

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