European Cup
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the European Cup.
This Tournament is designed for European teams to compete in 5v5 infantry only. If there are NA teams interested in a tournament we have also created the NA Cup

Teams will be put into a DOUBLE elimination bracket at Random on Binary Beast engine.

Tournament Rules:
2 maps x2 ( each team will choose a map from the list below) 100% tickets
Best of 4.
In case of a tie (ie. 2-2), winner will be decided by ticket count total of all 4 matches played.

Matches must be made in the "create a match option" in order to provide a record of the match played.

Teams will provide admins with a Team Roster that will be locked once the bracket has started.

There will be no ringers in this tournament. Players must be on your platoon roster in order for them to play.

If a player is on multiple teams in the tournament, that player must pick one team to play for. If the player is caught playing for two teams, the team will be disqualified. This includes using a second account to play for another team.

Weapon/equipment bans: SNIPER CLASS, Shotguns, M26 Mass Variations, Xbow, M320 (smoke only allowed)
No Explosives except for grenades, rockets are permitted.

Friendly fire = ON
Kill Cam = OFF

No Exploiting Glitches

Tournament Map Pool:
Metro, Tehran, Bazaar, Sienne, Davamand, Karkand Day 2

Binary Beast Bracket:

The winner of the EU Cup will play the winner of the NA Cup


Finnish eSports (FeS)
UnLimited (uND)
Sycotik LogiCal (SyK)
Finnish Tactical Force (FTF)
FsD.Furious (FsD)
We Are Revenge (WaR)
LoH Tiberius (LoH)
Razor Esports (rZ)
Dynamic (Dyn)
Zero Tolerance (zT)
Försvarsmakten (FMV)
Apathy (aP)
King's Elite Squad (kEs)
J4G Xbox Team (J4G)
Nova Team (nT)
Latvians (LV) (Pitijs85,Fireskelet,Hitman Latvia,Rietumu Mezonis, cikuzis,FOFO2001,GETOspirits,Baigais Frukts,Nauris666, FocalBard42, Tiesnesis, RobisMullens, amilo LV, ThekurstaLv)
Xtreme Gaming (xG)
Online Combat Group1 (CG1)
Horn.Emporium (Horn)
Ghost Warrior (GTWR)
Tango Down (TNG)
InFamouS ReDemPtion (RDM)
SpirituaL.AnyOne (SpL)
KFR.RiiturN (KFR)
Stealth.mythiX (mX)
RedWings.eSport (RdW)

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