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We are open to all and promote a friendly, fun environment on all of our server. We are not a clan but a community of like-minded gamers and have played together for fun for many months.

We have no entrance requirements on age, gender or skill.
If you want to join, we will let you. No ifs, no buts, you're in.

PURE wants a server full of players having fun getting kills and possibly more importantly, making new friends.

See you on the battlefield!

PURE leaderboad:

1). The Most Loyal ------
(man, look at his tag and his pic and more just hear his stories how could he not be the most loyal PURE member?)

2). The Most Deadly-------ObreezyCuz
(The moment you see him, you are already a dead man. Make him your nemesis victim to have his place. )

3). The Angel -------Alexbrny
(When you are in the brink of death, you will see him shining in the dark. His revives: 9,973 Beat his record, take his place. )

4). Here's Your Ammo -------
(Tired of noob supports who never provide ammo? Then sure you will love this PURE. His support score: 2,988,300 Beat his score, take his place.)

5). The Best Flying -------
(When this PURE is in the sky, he is invincible. Score for jet pilot: 206,075 Beat his score take his place.)

6). The Mr. Fix it -------
( If you see this PURE on the street, please wait for him. He is trying to repair you and treat him nicely. He helps.)

7). The Taking Tags Master------ScruffyMcfly
(Your going to be saying woooooooooooow after scruff takes your tags again again again and again)

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