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The OFC is a multi-platform gaming community made up by gamers, for gamers who have been here since the dawn of modern gaming. We didn’t play by the rules, we created them.

We cut our teeth on “Pong” and the early Atari, Coleco and Intellivision systems. We were shocked at the bright colors and the awesome graphic improvements of the first 8 bit Nintendo and Sega systems. We saw the light with the inception of the 16 bit systems. And finally, we stood there, salivating with mouth agape in anticipation of the first CD and DVD based consoles. Oh yes, we have been there and experienced it all.
The OFC was formed in early 2009 by a group of gamers who had these things in common, they all loved video games and they were all 40 (or close to) years old or older. They knew they were not alone. These few brave men (pioneers, if you will) knew there was a yearning, a niche that needed to be filled and they saw a beacon of light in the dark. That beacon was the OFC. After a few weeks of grueling labor (I’m sure some colorful language as well) a forum was born. A forum that was unlike any that came before it. They knew then that they had created something special. This forum was a tribute, nay, an homage to the middle aged gamer. They also knew, these Gods of men, that this was their legacy. Thus was the birth of the OFC.

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you what we’re about. We are a non-competitive clan who are just into having fun. In fact, that is our number one rule. We know that at the end of the day you want to just relax and blow off some steam, and what better way to do that then with people want the same thing. We are all around 40 years old (some younger, some older) who want to kick back enjoy some time with people our own age who share the same interests. We have over 400 members (mostly Wii and PS3) from all over North and South America, the U.K. and all over Europe. We believe that we have something special here and would like to share it with our fellow gamers. If you like what you are reading, check us out.

Here is what we expect from you:
1. Be respectful toward the other clan mates. Offensive members will not be tolerated.
2. No cheating, hacking, glitching or boosting. If you do so, you will be banned and reported to Microsoft. We believe in the fairness of play.
3. No console bashing. We are a multi-platform clan who all wear the same clantag. In fact, since a lot of games are cross platform, we post in the same threads.
4. You must be at least 40 years of age. (or close to 40)
5. All skill levels are welcome. No tryouts. We are a casual game clan.

And the most important rule that we will enforce with no exceptions: You must have fun! You cannot be full of yourself like some child! You must come with us to relax, laugh, & and take out the stress of the daily life by wiping out the enemy with us! So, join the madness!

If you don’t think that you can comply with these or any other rules set forth by our founding members or site Administrators, then we thank you for your time and ask that you move along. If you want to play BF3 with guys who DON'T cheat and play video games because they are games, we are just the group that you've been looking for.

The Clan where true gaming begins after forty!

Other games are played, so please feel free to check in or ask any question you may have by using the "Offical Website" link above or by pating the link below into your browser:


Thanks for your interest in our Clan!

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