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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the iOGaming Platoon!

Please donate if you enjoy playing on our BF3 servers. They are expensive to run, so any help will be greatly appreciated. Also anyone that signs up for a monthly sub of $10 or more will receive Auto Balance Immunity and Queue Priority. Check here for details
You can donate by going here

Apply for the [iO] tag @ - We are always looking for some cool new members!

Current BF3 Servers: *Updated 10/21/2013*

[iO] 24/7 Karkand 1000 TICKETS - 64

[iO] 24/7 Operation Metro 1000 TICKETS - 32

Ventrilo: port:3852

Server Stats:

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  • McChicken6677 wrote on the wall for iO Gaming:
    Heyy guys, BF4 is just a week away and iO could really use some help!
  • Dee-Eris wrote on the wall for iO Gaming:
    WIN A COPY OF BF4!!! Check out for more info!
  • Rustycrust wrote on the wall for iO Gaming:
    Just as a warning. My account got hacked yesterday by some russian guy. I reinstalled windows 2 days ago, and didn't do anything on battlelog yet until last night. When I tried to log in it said the password was wrong. I checked my email, and got one telling me that my password was changed. I contacted support etc but they couldn't help me, other then giving me a phone number which was closed for that day (it was 11 pm). The hacker changed my security question and the answer was in russian, so the online support could'n't verify that it was me. He deleted all of my friends and joined a platoon called TROTIL. I don't know how he got access to my account, but I'm sure it wasn't my fault.. I was able to reset the password since I still have access to my email account. I hope he didn't send any links to people tho (I never got any myself). Krustie
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  • xxWrigleyxx wrote on the wall for iO Gaming:
    For any MOH players, i've created this temporary platoon for us to join, to make squading up easier.