Wisconsins Most Deadly
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-- MOTTO --

“Domination through communication and coordination”


After the Persian Gulf War, the United Nations located and destroyed large quantities of Iraqi chemical weapons and related equipment and materials throughout the early 1990’s. In 2003, The United States and the UK asserted that Saddam Hussein still possessed WMDs. This led to the second Gulf War.

The acronym WMD is commonly misunderstood in global communication. Once thought to stand for "Weapons of Mass Destruction”, it finds its origins in the state of Wisconsin’s history. Rooted in lore and local legend, the term "Wisconsin’s Most Deadly” or "WMDs” references an army of warriors; supposedly originating from North America - around what is modern day Wisconsin.

After decades of bloody war, they suddenly vanished without a trace. Experts claim that a cataclysmic global event would have been the only thing capable of doing this, but no evidence has been found to support it. Most can agree that the warriors transcended into something else - spiritual beings perhaps. All anyone knows for certain is, long after vanishing, WMD have continued to wreak havoc across the world.

Much isn't known about how they operate, but most believe that they possess soldiers on either side of a conflict and hunt the enemy with relentless determination. In 2003, Wisconsin’s Most Deadly is what the US was really looking for.

Now, in 2013, they are walking among the soldiers once again...


WMD is a platoon of varying play styles and skill sets. We range from competitive to casual. If you are interested then apply, but please understand the requirements:

1. Score Per Minute of 200 or more.
2. Must be Wisconsin resident.
3. Must be willing to communicate in a team environment.
4. Must wear WMD tags.* We are more than a battlefield platoon, we are a brotherhood united by our great state.

*Tags only required when competing. If you are in another platoon and from WI, we don't want to steal your loyalty from them but still give you the opportunity to be part of this. However, if you want to play on our competitive roster the tags are required.


WMD Horsemen are members of the competitive roster. This means they will be first in line for skirmishes and matches.


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