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Global Operations Battalion Service, {G0BS} or Goblins (for short) is a worldwide collection of clan and clan
friends that have played on many various games and formats. We originally started on Resistance 2 and had
around 70 clan members and clan friends worldwide, but have since then have been on many games and clans.
"Once a Goblin, always a Goblin".

We currently have members from Australia, Canada and the US and are still striving to get our old worldwide
members back into the platoon once they get the game. We also would appeciate players from other platoons to
join, but keep your tag if you want. Once we get global again, you will be able to get on a game, no matter what
time of the day or night and find a Goblin or G0BS friend on.

We take pride in supporting any squad or team that we are playing on for the overall squad/team effort toward the objective. That is why we are always working on the goal of having a well rounded platoon on all kits and vehicles.

Our clan site on facebook is open to all players for their input on any game. On fb, search for G0BS (that's G zero B S) or Global Operations Battalion Service and join us there also.
Join us on facebook if you want, no matter what your clan affiliation is and give your input on different video games. It is mostly for PS3, but Xbox360 and PC are also welcome.

Fan this platoon or join this platoon as a member or friend no matter your clan tag is. See you on the battlefield. Go Goblins!!
--Old Man Goblin--

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