Skull Crackers
Tag: [SkCr] Fans: 13 Created: 2011-11-05

Platoon Presentation

Make them walk the plank and control the flank!!!

To apply clan tag in game:
- Go to your profile
- Click Edit Profile (on the left)
- Under "Soldier Settings" there will be a box
to put your clan tag in. Put "SkCr" in the box.

-Must have Mic (Not always, but be sure to have one)
-Be Respectful (You may still mess around and use foul language)
-Play as a Team

We do like to win when we can but we do not deny those with bad K/D or W/L.

If joining you must accept trash talk, name calling,
etc. as we don't care if you are offended by any
language and we are completely not responsible
for anything we say or do. You can play as any
class you want or any style you want just make
sure you are helping out and not joining the
Platoon for no reason.

We are Casual Gamers and won't freak out/kick
anyone from the Platoon for playing badly unless
you are someone who most often has a score of
something around 0 kills and 10 deaths every game.

**Boosting gets you kicked from Platoon**

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