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Platoon Presentation

Looking for PS3 players of all shapes and sizes. No discriminating in the platoon about who you are or what you do in your private life just want casual gamers and hardcore gamers.

There are a few requirements.

Must maintain your composure and not disrespect fellow members.

Must be mature about gaming

This is a squad and team oriented game and it would help greatly if you have a mic (I mean you have to talk to your team in order to relay the field data)

All in all you have to wanna have fun, win also but the most is to have fun while playing.

Ok now let this be known that I understand that people have lives of their own as well as I. I'm no young spring chicken and I do have children of my own so when I'm with them they command my full attention so it is not a requirement for you to be on everyday. Add up your fellow platoon members on PSN so you know when they are online and start fragging together.

I'm a very patient founder so if you have any questions or need help with gameplay I'm willing to voice an opinion which you should feel free to as well.

I just have one pet peeve and that's disrespect so if it is found that a player is being disrespectful then you will only be awarded two chances at redemption and if you fail to redeem then your removal from the platoon is imminent.

At the end of the day have fun and...


now go apply lol

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