Pegasus Air Force ✈
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the pegasus Air Force page. This platoon is made for you flying nut ponies and for ponies who want to learn. We will hold flying lessons for those who want to improve in aerial combat. Everything from the basics from landing to more advanced dogfight tactics. You will be learned by the best in the business, i have over 195 hour flight time on my other account so your in good hoofs. contact RainbowDash_I for more information.

Fixed wing aircraft instructors. RainbowDash_l and frijolero_92.

Helicopter instructors. iBrony4Life and Owloysius, AFRICAN_DUCK

If you have any suggestions please let us know we love new ideas.

Special thanks to Frijolero_92 for providing us with a server for practice and to teach you guys new skills.

Remember... Sky's the limit. ✈

1v1 Pony jet ladder! Equestria 500

Okay everypony I am holding a 1v1 Jet tournament ladder and this will take place over a period of 2 weeks. The winner of the tournament will hold the first title of winning this competition and have there name on the page of first ever winner.

: Best of 5
: Players get a chance to use both jets
: Loser gets knocked out of the stage
: I will pop flares in the chopper to indicate the match has started
: No runway camping, once opponent has been shot down you fly back to your base
: Disable and bail = kill
: Crash or suicide = kill
: If competitors crash into each other the match will resume as normal.

Terms and conditions:
:No fighting or arguing
:Be mature
:Fail to turn up for a match will result in no show victory to the other competitor.
:If problems occur please report to the organisers.

Sign up here or contact RainbowDash_l once signed up your name will be added to the list.

:Ladder officials

Soarin_l, Rapidfire_l, VinyMioScratch, Ragtag_l, Lucky-Kero, EEVERSTI, lTwilightSparkle, Spitfire_l, S_a_r_g_e_OO7, Rodhe.

Names have been randomly selected!

First round -STAGE 1

Ragtag_l vs lTwilightsparkle
Soarin vs Vinnymioscratch
EEVERSTI vs lucky kero
Rapidfire_l vs Sarge007 10-1
Spitfire_l vs Rodhe

? vs ?
? vs ?
? vs ?