Souls of Fallen Heroes
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to SoFH - Souls of Fallen Heroes® !

If you simply respect the fallen Heroes, then this is the Platoon for you

Founder: Plymouth_Wizard

New Members must have a headset and they must also send friend requests via Psn

We are looking for friendly players to join us and have some fun on our servers, UK based server but have player from USA, Netherlands and many other country's. Apply to joined and have some fun fun fun !!!

This is a game so enjoy your stay :-)

1: Enjoy the game and follow the rules of fair play.
2: Follow Server rules.
3: Be friendly to members of SoFH and possible future members.
4: Treat people as you like to be treated.
5: Be yourself and have some fun.
6: Spare a thought for the men and woman that are really at risk.

So if you want some fun and want to meet and to chat to some really nice people then join the clan

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Irrelevant of rank click " Apply to join! " >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< See you on the battle field Soldier >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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