Hunt That Noob
Tag: [HTN] Fans: 9 Created: 2012-07-17

Platoon Presentation

Welcome to Hunt That Noob platoon.

******Platoon requirments******
1-SPM 250+
2-A positive K/D ratio.
3-Co-operative playing style and if you don't play like that then don't apply to join HTN.
4-Maintain no(1,2) as long as you are in our platoon.
5-You can't be a member in a rival clan (if we have any).
6-Try to log in to battlelog atleast twice per week to see what's new.
7-Respect members,leaders and founder.

1-Wear our tag please which is (HTN).
**How to wear a tag : edit profile>Type [HTN] in the tag area and then click save.
2-Allies : (Assault protect capture)(APC) platoon.
(Excessive force)(XSV) platoon.
(Density associate) platoon.
3-You can apply to our allies and play with them and we also accept their members in our platoon.
4-This is not a community platoon and we may make one after a while.
5-All members will participate in clan wars but they will be chosen according to the clan we are facing.
6-Any member or leader abuse please tell me in a private message.

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