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Hello fellow gamers

You might wonder what this “Group” is all about and why it has been founded in the first place, well here is a little description: I am playing since 2 months with a semi-broken PS3 controller, the L2, R2, L3 and R3 buttons sometimes just spontaneously stop working and that makes the game so much more randomly butt-hurting than it already is. Yet I don’t have money to just buy a new controller, because I’m saving for a trip to the „far far east“ in October, so I decided to see it in a fun way to play like this. Now I would describe myself as a calm person, but for some reasons „The Game“ sometimes makes me want to go loot and burn tiny villages. Sadly i output this rage often in hysterical screams and violent outbursts against my PS3 controller. (Those who already had to witness such an event...i'm truly sorry). So yelling at Arabian kids in voice-chat in the way I think they talk, and calling American kids „breed of stupidity“ always made me feel better in such situations, but viciously attacking my only PS3 controller, always made me regret it afterwards. Now as he is lying on his „Dead-bed“ after more than five years in loyal service, I will give him an honorful goodbye-time and will lay him to eternal rest as soon as I come back from my trip. We went trough many good times with rarely any harm for example with the Fallout-, God Of War-, Assasin’s Creed- and GTA- Series. The games that predominantly made me do this to him are Dark Souls and Battlefield 3. I am sorry for that, and I will always remember the good times we had!

If you are currently gaming with a broken controller or made similar experiences like me, feel free to join the group and tell us your story. It may appear as just another random meaningless platoon but...well yeah it is just another random meaningless platoon, but I just felt like founding one so here we go..

And btw: AIDS stands for: Aggressive Irrational Destroyer Syndrome


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