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Platoon Presentation

This is a shout out to all the clans out der, that think they have the rice and balls to compete and find the #1 RUSH clan
1.No rules, hijack, m320 and PDW spam all you want.
Apply for the platoon if you want your clan to be apart of the tournament. Scrims will work like this.

Post on the Platoon that your clan is is available for a challenge or challenge another post by posting it first. For example

Platoon post: Yo this is clan (SHIT) and free to get challenged. [comment] hey gay cunt (LGc) challenges you.
Challenger chooses 1 map and clan getting challenged gets to choose 1 and the third map is something both clans agree on.
This is to find the best Rush clan in the AUS/NZ Region so start scrimming you fucking hippies

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