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⛨ Welcome to the Battlelogpage of the Team Switzerland. Enjoy your stay!

✚ Recruitment:

█ On [ ✓ ] █ Off [ ✗ ] █

If you're interested in joining the Team Switzerland, contact please:
Air: destroyerRr10
Ground/Sea: Sir-D12 / 1UP_SkunK

To join the Team Switzerland, you need to:
- Be Swiss
- Speak English
- Play BF4 on the PS4
- Have good stats

✉ If you've got further questions regarding our Team or an issue, don't hesitate to contact us at

✪ There are members of the following clans in our team:

[1UP] One United Power
[iCV] In Corde Veritas
[iV] Imperium Vivalis
[FMO] Full Metal Ownage
[SoA] Soldiers of Anarchy
[vRc] Violent Resistance
[DoD] Death on Demand
[NOS] Nation of Soldiers
[TE5] Tactical Elite 5quad
[aBn] assholesBYnature
[Sun] RedSun eSport
and more!

⚔ Upcoming events:

Our Team is participating at the World Nations Tournament Season 4. More information will follow soon.

Thank you for visiting our Team and see you soon on the Battlefield!

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