TTF Special Operations
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TacticalTaskForce Special Operations

~Founded on February 6th, 2013~ By Star_Dust__ and Ravenage-TTF~
If you wish to challenge TTF Special Operations, please fill our the form on our website (Challenge Us)

TTF Record:

(W) TTF vs LKC

(W) TTF vs TOU

Search SpecialTacticsSTAT for the clan match videos

(W) TTF vs LoD

(L) TTF vs SOT

(W) TTF vs WSM
(TTF = A team, Battlelog glitch.
Welcome to TacticalTaskForce Special Operation. TTF Spec Ops is the competitive side our of community. TTF Spec Ops will host bi-weekly events that are designed to improve and develop skills and tactics.

Here at TacticalTaskForce, we keep the talk clean and we respect other platoons that come across our servers. If you wish to challenge TTF, please get in contact with one of our leaders and give them a list of what your looking for such as number of players, game modes, and perhaps map rotations. Please note that it could take a few days to get a response back because our Leaders will review your clan stats, clan members, and attitude to make sure we are compatible for a fair fight.

Thank you for your interest in TacticalTaskForce & Special Operations.

TacticalTaskForce (Main Platoon):

TTF Spec Ops is proud to call Reapers Regiment our allies.
You can visit their bl page here:

Upon signing up for TTF Spec Ops you agree to attend all Spec Ops events and matches or provide a notice as far in advance as possible if you cannot attend, so we can fill your spot. If you don't think you can regularly attend events and matches then Spec Ops is not for you.

★ We are an Equal Opportunity clan. We do not discriminate against: race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation. ★

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