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Hi guys I changed rules to T0S Terminate on Sight because I thought it wasn't fair. Right? so now I will add squads to this clan. REMEMBER TO BE A FAN I WILL REALLY APPRECIATE IT.

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The following:

T0S AirForce
T0S Infantry
T0S VehicleForce

WE NEED YOU GUYS ON PS3 NOW BECAUSE THERE'S ANOTHER CLAN THAT WANTS TO PLAY A GAME THE DATE I WILL GIVE OUT A WEEK BEFORE THE START PEACE. Add me on Play station 3 add is JAMZ_511 PLease only twelve so make up your mind and ill tell you how many spaces are left for people to join

Now the main squads are:

T0S Alpha sqd
T0S Bravo sqd
T0S Charlie sqd
T0S Delta sqd
T0S Echo sqd
T0S Foxtrot sqd

The are only four people in Alpha squad.
Those four people are the following:

JAMZ_511 ( Leader & Founder )
fearsom4 ( Leader & Founder )
FEARSOME2 ( leader )
JiNX-ReAPeR ( leader )

That was alpha but there will be more squads until more people join so please apply.

The first four ( except Alpha Squad ) Squads To Join will be leaders!

There will be offers like extra leaders in sqds and there below:

Spring: 2 extra sqds ( leaders )
Summer: 2 extra sqds (leaders )
Autumn:3 extra sqds ( leaders )
Winter : 1 extra sqd ( leaders ) ( only one because some of us may have a power cut. )

Then in holidays ( maybe ) we will challenges like who is the best killing machine and more.
In the list below:

Easter holiday: Killing machine
End of half term: Highest Award Score
End of full term: Top Assault
Half Summer Holiday ( known as Ramadan for Muslims): Top Engineer
Second half of Summer Holiday: Top Support
Christmas holiday ( Christians believe that Jesus was born on the 25th of December ):Top Recon
End of year: Top Heli Pilot, Top Jet Pilot, Top MBT Driver and Top AA-Vehicle Driver.

In Bravo sqd there will be:

CpT-SaMeR ( leader )
KSA__BMW_07 ( leader )
HMD3 ( leader )
cuddy27 ( leader )

In Charlie sqd there will be:

xFLUTAB ( leader )
TNT_Sale7_ksa ( leader )
IiI-ReNo0-IiI ( leader )
mansour-Sm ( leader )

In Delta sqd there will be:

king_tabouk_2011 ( leader )
xXKSA-FAHAD-Xx ( leader )
AL8NAS ( leader )
ali12011 ( leader )

In Echo sqd there will be:

cm_bank ( leader )
o-MILANELLO-o ( leader )
poiu7uiop ( leader )
TIGER7QQ ( leader )

In Foxtrot there will be:

thaiterro ( cadet R.N.K 12 )
zezo998800 ( cadet R.N.K 9 )
BJGCJJGG ( cadet )
azerty50994 ( cadet )

Sub Squad Alpha:

CpT-SaMeR ( Cadet Not Available )
reedoo-s ( Cadet Not Available )
TheFalcon94 ( Cadet Not Available )
??? ( ??? Not Available )

Want visit my website ( made by JAMZ_511 )? the links below:
Mess with the Best. Die like the Rest.

The one's who are like a brother to me:

This is how the ranks work:

Cadet R.N.K 2
Cadet R.N.K 3
Cadet R.N.K 4
Cadet R.N.K 5

Corporal R.N.K 7
Corporal R.N.K 8
Corporal R.N.K 9
Corporal R.N.K 1O

Sergeant R.N.K 12
Sergeant R.N.K 13
Sergeant R.N.K 14
Sergeant R.N.K 15

Lieutenant R.N.K 17
Lieutenant R.N.K 18
Lieutenant R.N.K 19
Lieutenant R.N.K 2O


All thanks to:


Thank you :-)

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