Mercenaries For Hire
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. ~Welcome to M4H~

On a battlefield some time ago a call went out for help. A new soldier to the game was having a rough time with a clan. His call was answered by the founding father's. They proceeded to dish out organized chaos and run the clan off its own server. From this event a new clan was born, a new view on the game.

We are M4H. -Mercenaries for Hire.

We are a group dedicated to dominating the battlefield, scoreboard, and the server.
Our number one objective is to administer organized chaos, in order to control all aspects of the game.

You got what it takes?


President - M4Hp MINIVANdaddy2

Vice President - M4Hv Kool-Kid3

1st Lieutenant - M4H1 MaD_D0gg34

Squad Commanders -
M4Ha SpiceyWeiner135
M4Hb MiLwORm-_-
M4Hc Socrates-T88
M4Hd to be determined
M4He Twnty1GunSalute
Second in Command -
M4Hs Cardsfan05mjr - 2nd to Spiceyweiner135
M4Hs JoyeOC - 2nd to MiLwORm-_-
M4Hs to be determined
M4Hs to be determined
M4Hs to be determined
M4H Solider - M4H

With out organization we will fail. Our structure is as follows..

President - The Law. As President this soldier will oversee all clan activity and uphold clan agenda.

Vice President - Enforces the law. As VP this soldier will funnel info to and from the President to ensure all clan activity is within clan agenda. This soldier will also support Squad Commander's to ensure our agenda is reached on the battlefield.

1st Lieutenant - Ensures all Squad Commanders are running squads to M4H standards. This soldier is the Presidents right hand man.

Squad Commander's - Guide soldier on the battlefield. As a Squad Commander this soldier will ensure organization continues during battle. This soldier will ensure all squads are preforming to M4H's agenda.

Second in Command - Support for the Squad Commander. This soldier will support the Squad Commander in ensuring squad is preforming to M4H standard. In the absence of the Squad Commander all M4H soldiers are to fall in under the Second in Command.

M4H Soldier - Uphold the principals of M4H. As a M4H Soldier the soldier will be counted on to support the squad in order to obtain the clan agenda.

***All M4H Squad Commander's will choose a Second in Command as well as their own M4H squad pertaining to their squad letter.***

~~ Example M4Ha
Squad Commander - M4Ha
2nd - M4Hs
Soldier - M4Ha
Soldier - M4Ha
Soldier - M4Ha

Consider the lettered squads our JSOC.


~~ All M4H Soldiers not invited to wear Squad specific tags will run M4H tags. You must be selected for an elite squad by the Squad Commander.~~


~~ All M4H Soldiers not invited to wear Squad specific tags will run M4H tags. You must be selected for an elite squad by the Squad Commander.~~

**All Elite Squads are subject for review by the President and Vice President..**

So you'd like to apply?
You must met a few qualifications first.

-Must have a positive attitude.
-Must have a microphone.
-Must have a tendency to take dog tags.

Here is the hard part. This is an Invite Only Clan.
You want in? friend us, join in on the battlefield and impress us! Can you hang with the Mercenaries??

*All members are subject to our strict Code of Conduct. This will be enforced by the Leader Ship Counsel. If at anytime we feel that your behavior is detrimental to the cause you will be asked to leave.*

-- Leadership Counsel --
* President
* Vice President
* 1st Lieutenant

Find us on Battlefield 3-ps3 and Battlefield 4-ps3/ps4

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