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You will learn how to transform your innocence in wisdom, when the fire ravage your body, to the point that grow becomes more a choice. Boy, you learn that any differences in the world is your own suffering, and you learn to shut up, do not call your friends to confide to 4am until losing the use of the word in the hardest times. At least you're not to blame your relatives that do not understand you. And you learn to distrust men and their words, to rule his own words, hollow, which will only caress your mind. And small, if you have no reason to stand up, do not forget that ,man more than any animal, is ready to do anything to survive.Fight, but remember men are still good...
As I have grown, I have discovered more and more how much I truly am the Alpha Male; however, this is utilizing the Alpha/Beta dynamic, rather than stretching any farther into self-description. I consider myself an Omega more than anything else, but that is specifically because I go my own way. The Omega has been described as the one who sneaks up and mates with the female while the Alpha and Beta are battling it out, which is why I like the distinction in the first place. I do not strive to be an Alpha, I simply am. I have no desire to compete with others beyond a point, for women who prefer to be a prize (rather than an equal) are not my type.

The funny thing about it is that due to a massive head trauma 2 years ago, I was late discovering these things. As such, I have dated many women who mistook me for an easily controllable mark, only to have the relationship end when their subtle manipulations are cast fully into the light.

It is my experience that has taught me how much I abhor being dominated, particularly when done underhandedly in attempt to control me against my consent. I have frustrated more than a few women with my stubborn nature in the face of maneuvers that must be part of a textbook, so often have I encountered some of them.

All of that said, I get the feeling that I'm meant for an at least predominantly Alpha female, one who is willing to concede ultimate control in return for the promise of allowances and agreements to be made in order that each of us has our own perch. As I put in my profile, I do not wish to domineer; rather, I want someone who is strong enough to stand by my side, proud enough to stand on her own, and yet humble enough that neither of the first two qualities diminish her own self-worth.

Perhaps that is a pipe dream. Or maybe it's overreaching, and the perfect one for me will be more fully submissive, I don't know. I do know, however, that I have the capacity to rattle the walls of any structure, any group of people, and make myself heard. Give me enough time, and I can do damned near anything.

Forget your heart, feel no pain
Dare to step out into the rain
No looking back, it's not for love
Just spread your wings...and rise above

So you want me to be a good little sub for you? You want me to cater to your every whim and fancy, presenting you with slippers and coffee as soon as you wake up each morning? You want me to make your bed? You think I should do this, and more?

Make me.

Make me want to serve you.
Make me crave your approval.
Make me feel like your happiness should be important to me.
Make me believe that you're worthy of my efforts.

Inspire me to respect you.

Make me a sobbing mess.
Make me an angry monster.
Make me bare my soul.
Make me a better person for having known you.

Give me reasons to entrust my living and dying to your competence.

Make me proud to stand beside you.
Make me pleased to be in your presence.
Make me confident that you are looked upon favorably by those whom I respect.
Make me comfortable with how others look upon me, knowing I am yours.

Prove to me that you deserve it, and I will see to it that you have all I can give.

If you want me to submit to you, you're going to have to make me.

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