Xtreme RARE
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Platoon Presentation

This is were we collect the best players of RARE.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We will NOT take you into our platoon just because you have positive requirements. Its only one point, so you will please have to wait until we decided if you are good for our team. Since we do still have our also great Raging Reapers Platoon it maybe good or even better for you to play there first or keep playing there until you get invited to the Xtreme RARE. Please be patient!!! We get so many applies, but we want the best quality and effectiveness in our team. Please dont be mad or sad about it!!!
To all players who apply to the platoon: Dont be mad, if we cant accept, even if you have the minimum requirements. The Founder and Leaders will talk and decide about every player who applies to Xtreme RARE! There is more than only the requirements, but also the personality and the character of each player. We need to know you, your playstyle and you need to play with the platoon. Its important to us that you can identify yourself with Xtreme RARE! Its nothing against some of you guys out there!!! You maybe good, but everything else has to fit to the Platoon, too! Thanks to all of you and keep having fun and improving!!!

ATTENTION! The following requirements are not finished, yet! But until now you will need the following to apply to the exclusive Platoon of Xtreme RARE:

Minimum requirements for joining:
- K/D: 2.0 over a playtime of minimum 400 hours (no matter if resetted or not) --- you will need the minimum of 2.0 K/D after 400 hours
-You will need an absolute minimum of 700 SPM
- Be respectful ;)
- And NO insults on the maps! We want to be playing good in a great team and we all want to be proud of our players.... Have fun, don´t rage!!! xD
- Only 1 account/player in the platoon!

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