MvP vs WAR9 10vs10 Dom
Tag: [PS4] Fans: 1 Created: 2014-01-25

Platoon Presentation

Date: Saturday 1st of March

Time: (UK: 8pm) -- (Central Europe [eg: Sweden]: 9pm) -- (East US: 3pm) -- West US: 2pm) -- (PST: 12pm)

Modes & Maps:
EU Server: Golmud (Burn) -- Golmud (Comp) -- Locker (Comp) -- Locker (Comp)
East US Server: Dawnbreaker (Burn) -- Dawnbreaker (Comp) -- Transmission (Comp) -- Transmission (Comp)

Player Count: 10v10

Rules: No Shotguns (including shorty), No Explosives of any kind, No RGO Impacts, No minis, No Motion sensors of any kind.

Server: Not Confirmed until a later date

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