4v4 B-flag Tourney
Tag: [4v4] Fans: 7 Created: 2014-02-06

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Promod rules
we only play bazaar,if we draw the one with most tickets wins
you can't use players who are in this clan with their primary clan

we play in 2 groups of 4 teams
The winner of group 1 play vs the second of group 2
The winner of group 2 plays vs the second of group 1

x|тнε нιgн-нαтz™. - HitZ
Legendary x3 - Lx3
ProNation - PnN ( and helpers)
VNM - VeNoM Gaming
Her0 squad - Her0
pN - PredictioN
reFX - Resistance e-Sports™
nV - nVoid Gaming

Group 1:
HitZ Pts3
pN Pts9
Her0 Pts0
VNM Pts6

Group 2:
PnN Pts3
reFX Pts0

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