Indian Knights
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Platoon Presentation


Representing India
(Few members from other countries are exceptions)

How to join-
-Go on this link and apply-
Battlefield 3 Platoon
Battlefield 4 Platoon
- Administrators would take the test of your skills and reaction times.
- We will go through your stats and, if you prove capable enough, we will allow you to join our clan
-Your nature is another important factor. If you don’t play that good, but your personality and nature is good, we may recruit you.
-If your stats don’t represent your actual skill, you will be enrolled for special tests (which again, will test your reaction time and accuracy)

Some rules-
- You shall respect the admins, founders, leaders and basically everyone in the clan
- You shall wear the clan tag [INK] at all times religiously.
- You shall be loyal to the clan and its members and speak fair of it behind its back

- In a Battlefield, it’s all about teamwork, you shall not care about your K/D and help and co-operate with your teammates at all times.
-You should know the role which needs to be played according to your class.
-You will not rage quit or abuse other players in the server
-You will not blame lag or any other factor as the reason for your defeat
- You shall value Gameplay over Graphics
-You should be an active and friendly player
-Languages preferred= ENGLISH(compulsory) and Hindi
-You will resolve any issues you may face with a player or administrator in a rational way on TEAMSPEAK.

Every member is advised to come on teamspeak during a game session

NOTE- Breaking the above rules may result to a ban from the server and a kick from the clan

P.S.- You may join our TEAMSPEAK even of you are not a member of our clan

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